pdf7.PdfWriter Namespace

Printer API Documentation
The classes with the Com prefix is for accessing the API via COM. If you are using Microsoft.NET, you should use the classes with the Pdf prefix.

Public classComPdfSettings
This class can read and write setting files for the PDF Writer. You can use this to specify a large number of properties for the PDF Writer print jobs. If you are programming in .NET you should use the PdfSettings class instead of this one.

From a COM client you instantiate this object using the prog id pdf7.PdfSettings or class id DA427B24-0BD8-47e4-9756-865BF094AB39.

Public classComPdfUtil
COM interface for class PdfUtil.
Public classFileList
This class represents a list of file names.
Public classPdfSettings
This class represents the settings of a PDF creation job.
Public classPdfStatus
This class exposes the status of a PDF creation job.
Public classPdfUtil
Helper class for creating PDF files.

Public enumerationPdfSettingsFileType
Types of settings files.
Public enumerationPdfUtilDistillerType
Distiller types
Public enumerationPdfUtilEncryptionType
Encryption types when creating password protected PDF documents.
Public enumerationPdfUtilPrinterSelection
How to select a printer.